Eddie 'El Gato' Elguera workin in the Woodshop

Eddie Elguera stopped by the wood shop to cut his own board.  He is just starting to skate again after a broken wrist.  The cast was removed on friday, and he is right back at it.  This wood shop is located in Costa Mesa, Ca where all your favorite Hosoi Skateboards are Made in the USA.


He used the template from his Cat Eyes Board to shape this board.  This is not a new design; instead a Eddie cutting his own deck out to ride.  Using a shape guide to draw the shape of the board over the blank, and then he moves on to the ban saw to cut his deck out.


After cutting his board its time to round and sand the edges. Using a router and a belt sander to clean up the edges and getting his new board just right. 


Time to take a little more off the top.

His board is now ready to get sanded and a graphic put on it.  With less than an hour of work in the wood shop Eddie has a board that is ready to ride.  Eddie has been down in Orange County to practice for the upcoming Combi Bowl contest.  He has been riding with Christian Hosoi, Pat Ngoho, and Steve Caballero.  All of them getting ready for the epic masters contest in May.  We can't wait to seem Eddie, Christian, and all the other Legends rip the combi contest.

Photos From El Gato Classic from this last weekend!

Over the weekend Eddie Elguera put on a 3 day event that took place out in Palm Springs California.  On Friday Night, there was an Art Show, Saturday had a Pool Demo at the skatepark, and vert demo featuring a bunch of top pros and legends.  Following the two demos was a dinner with the legends, where everyone who attended received a signed board.  On Sunday the morning started off with 2 services at Eddie's Church, following that was a Pool contest at the Palm Springs Skatepark.  The contest turned into more of a jam with the legends, and involved riders such as Eddie Elguera, Christian Hosoi, Dave Hackett, Steve Caballero, Scott Foss, Tony Magnusson, and many more.   All photos shot by Shawn Rossmiller, Video filmed and edited by the ride channel.


Eddie Elguera    

 Christian Hosoi

Dave Hackett- Carve Grind

Eddie Elguera- BS Disaster  

Steve Caballero- FS Grind

Tony Magnusson- FS Smith 

Scott Foss- BS Air

Eddie Elguera- BS Fastplant   

Steve Caballero- Elguerial

                                                               Eddie Elguera- 5-0 Fakie

     Steve Caballero- Rock n Roll Slide

Eddie Elguera- FS Invert

Photos by Shawn Rossmiller


Ride Channel's Video Coverage: 

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3rd Annual Learn to skate day with Christian Hosoi and Friends!

For the 3rd year in a row kids 12 years and under get to learn to skate for free with Christian Hosoi and other pro skaters.
  The event is this Saturday, May 31st at the 5 Points Plaza in HB (On Main at Beach Blvd.)
  Learn to Skate with Christian starts at 10am thru 1pm, followed by the CASL City Jam from 1pm-4pm.
  There will be plenty of food, fun and photo ops with the pros, as well as live music to keep you entertained.
  To sign up for the Learn to Skate visit here.
  Check out the video of last years event: