Photos From El Gato Classic from this last weekend!

Over the weekend Eddie Elguera put on a 3 day event that took place out in Palm Springs California.  On Friday Night, there was an Art Show, Saturday had a Pool Demo at the skatepark, and vert demo featuring a bunch of top pros and legends.  Following the two demos was a dinner with the legends, where everyone who attended received a signed board.  On Sunday the morning started off with 2 services at Eddie's Church, following that was a Pool contest at the Palm Springs Skatepark.  The contest turned into more of a jam with the legends, and involved riders such as Eddie Elguera, Christian Hosoi, Dave Hackett, Steve Caballero, Scott Foss, Tony Magnusson, and many more.   All photos shot by Shawn Rossmiller, Video filmed and edited by the ride channel.


Eddie Elguera    

 Christian Hosoi

Dave Hackett- Carve Grind

Eddie Elguera- BS Disaster  

Steve Caballero- FS Grind

Tony Magnusson- FS Smith 

Scott Foss- BS Air

Eddie Elguera- BS Fastplant   

Steve Caballero- Elguerial

                                                               Eddie Elguera- 5-0 Fakie

     Steve Caballero- Rock n Roll Slide

Eddie Elguera- FS Invert

Photos by Shawn Rossmiller


Ride Channel's Video Coverage: